Christel Hume – 23 Yrs as Club Treasurer Retires

Anyone who has visited Velox or Westshore over the decades have either known of or heard Christel Hume.  Her Esprit de Core is as legendary as much as her signature smile is, as she could always be found on the sidelines or clubhouse on gamedays cheering on her team/family with her signature “LETS GO VV!!”.  Resulting in a chant that would pierce into the hearts and minds of everyone present, especially the on field players.  After 23 years as the Clubs Treasurer through thick and thin, Christel has decided to retired and stepped down from this position just before Christmas officially.   This coincides with her retirement from her job with the Federal Government after many decades in Apr 2021.  Christel first started on the Board of Directors  in 1996 as the Velox Secretary, then was asked by the Club President, Barry Wheelhouse to fill into the newly vacant Treasurer position the following year in 1997 until a new person could be found after the following year. I guess a suitable replacement was fund for 23 years until recently with Sarah Levson stepping up as the clubs new Treasurer.  Christel is married to her soul mate and longtime Velox Stalwart Jon Hume, part of the family that helped create the Velox team from back in 1969 and through the years, leading to the creation of the Hume Family Award for clubs best volunteer.

To recognize her years of service and dedication, Board member and CEO of Aptoella Rugby, Barbara Mervin created a “Gift of the Ages” commissioning a handmade quilt for Christel from the Board of Directors and the club as a whole.  It is jam packed with lots of “sentimentality” which includes: Many donated jerseys by Paul Eby,  late Dennis Crawford’s Velcrows jersey,  the first Velox game shirt from 1969 (as the club couldn’t afford jerseys back then),  jersey from Men’s team ascension to the BC finals, a couple of Valkyries jerseys  and Hapu Manu on the side that reads “Thank You For Your Service 1997-2020”

Westshore RFC would like to say THANK YOU CHRISTEL!!! Your Westshore/Velox family wish you the best in your future retirement plans with Jon, and look forward to seeing you at the pitch at the next rugby game!!!


9 Jan 2021

Good Day:

Currently there is a new BC Public Health Order from Dr Bonnie Henry extending further restrictions on public sport until 5 Feb 2021, with possibility of another extension upon completion of this date.

BCRU CEO, Annabel Kehoe published a statement on rugby activities with this message for all BC Clubs and its members: “I highly recommend that Clubs wait until after February 5 to resume rugby activities. I believe these current constraints to be impractical to maintain while delivering fun, rewarding rugby safely. We know that there is light at the end of this tunnel and I anticipate that we will be able to return to Phase 3 Safety Plans in February/March 2021 (unless further restrictions and/or extensions from the Public Health Officer, of course).” Full message available here: BC Rugby Responds to February 5 PHO Extension – BC Rugby

Based on the recommendations of these Officials and Offices, along with Westshore RFC wishing to protect our members and the public from COVID-19 health risks: We will not be opening for ANY rugby activities until sometime in Feb 2021 once Phase 3 is safely able to resume.

Thank you for your patience and support in this matter.

Westshore RFC Board of Directors

If there are any questions or concerns please contact the Westshore COVID Coordinator

Jay Jimmo


Westshore RFC Board of Directors 2020-2021

President: Mike Holmes *
Vice President: Cam Neish *
Executive Director: John Lyall
Director Men Rugby Operations: Ray Barkwill *
Director Women Rugby Operations: Barbara Mervin *
Director Junior Rugby Operations: Andrew Foster *
Director Youth Rugby Operations: Kelly Hanvey *
Director Membership/Registration: Jay Jimmo *
Director Fields/Equipment: Clancy McDonnell *
Secretary: Terri Foggitt *
Member at Large: Ian Rose
Treasurer: VACANT (If anyone interested please apply to BOD) *
*denotes voting position
The new BOD were elected on 28th Oct AGM.
Contact information for BOD members can be found here:
All duties for each position is located in the Manual of Policy on our website:

Westshore RFC AGM 28 Oct 20-07:30pm

The rugby club will be conducting an AGM on 28th Oct 20 at 7:30pm for all, We encourage all members to please attend this virtual event.
Within the week of the AGM, the ZOOM meeting details will be posted in the Facebook event for all to participate. Facebook Event-AGM
Grounds rules are to please keep your mic muted at all times unless you are speaking, when speaking please be brief and respectful to others in meetings.
The following positions on the Board of Directors are empty or current member occupying will be vacating by AGM:
  • -Director of Fields & Equipment
  • -Treasurer
Details of these positions can be found in the Manual of Policy on our website:…/westshore-rfc-manual-of-policy/
All other Board of Director positions are staying on in current roles. But anybody may challenge for these positions against a sitting member if they wish to.

Sportlomo Program Confusion

Many members are having issues of where and when to login to Sportlomo, trying to enter the wrong program and re-registering, now with 2 accounts and paying a 2ndtime. So here is a break down and what each login screen looks like.
  • Sportlomo Managers login: The 1st picture has a blue back ground. Is for all Staff to “Manage” registration and training sessions. Is where a Manager goes to add a player’s name into the training session by date, so that player will receive a scheduled session to complete the attestation for when they login to their Sportlomo User account. If you do not receive a session in your schedule, it is because your Manager did not enter your name, contact them to fix it. This link is different then the user link:
  • Sportlomo User Account Login: The 2nd picture has a white background. This is for everyone who already registered and/or have an existing account. This is where a player must enter the day of a session and complete their attestation (Blue graph icon) AND confirm they are attending (Green check mark). It is your login and password; the club does not have this data on file and can not help you if you forget it. Only BCRU Director of Membership – Marga Sison can do that for permissions, so yes call her at 1-604-737-3065. This link is different then the other links:
  • Sportlomo Registration Account login-Rugby Canada: The 3rd picture has a red background. This is where players/staff go to FIRST REGISTER for the season. It is through Rugby Canada, and when used will create or update your account for the upcoming season by charging you money. If you have already completed this step for the season, DO NOT DO IT AGAIN!!! Because, you will have to go in and delete one of the accounts because you duplicated this step. You only have 14 days once completed to cancel and receive a refund, after that, you will not get a full refund directly onto your credit card, a long drawn out process ensues. But on the top of this screen indicated by a yellow box in picture, is the link to the SPORTLOMO User login above. This link is different then the other links:

How to enter/Exit Grass Fields for Fall Non-Contact Session

Any questions or concerns on this procedure please contact Westshore RFC COVID-19 Coordinator-Jay Jimmo 250-588-1696.
Or read Westshore RFC Safety Plan on our website.
This will be the process for EVERY training session, regardless of the group.
  • When you either park your vehicle or get dropped off at the grass field, Please follow the flow arrows for entering and exiting the field as per the 1st photo.
  • Look for the On-Site Field Manager in the “ENTER POINT AREA” check-in table/tent.
  • Stay in-between the 2 rows of cones. 2nd picture has a player demonstrating the wrong area for players to be when trying to enter the field. (Photo set up intentional).
  • Form a line remembering the 2M separation.
  • Manager will ensure you completed attestation (COVID-19 disclaimer) in your Sportlomo user account: (
  • Sanitize your hands (Thanks Aaron Frisby of The Tube Shack for sponsoring)
  • Enter through the gate (just like rucks in rugby) onto the Try Zone part of the field (Cones laid out) and wait for your Coach/Staff to come and get you.
  • Personal gear will be stored off  lined field on sidelines between the 2 grass fields.
This will be the process for EVERY training session, regardless of the group.
  • All players will exit off pitch to the sideline between the 2 grass fields only.
  • Collect personal gear if required.
  • Proceed along sideline area straight towards far end of the field into the “EXIT POINT AREA” with the 4 Red Cones and hand sanitizing station (pictures below).
  • All players will sanitize hands before exiting through the gate of cones (just like rucks in rugby) onto the pavement “PICKUP AREA”.
  • You are not allowed back into the field after this point, and must stay outside the single chain fence surrounding grass field.
  • If you parked in parking lot, you must walk around field using road to your vehicle by clubhouse.
Download Enter/Exit Documents:

Westshore RFC 1st Fall Non-Contact Training Session

Westshore successfully applied for and was granted sanctioning by BCRU for operating and running training camps during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The club set up for our first training of the 12 week non-contact sessions.  The Youth rugby group took to the field from 5-6pm with enthusiastic Coaches (Sisters Britt and Courtney Sims, Amanda Thornborough) and energetic Kids. Sporting all ages from U11 up to U12, with all skill sets from beginners to advanced.

Next up was our Junior Boys and Girls from 6-7pm.  Boys group with Coaches Dave “Tito” Phillips, Foster DeWitt conducting advanced ball passing skills.  While Coaches Mike McDougall and Britt Sims ran fun fitness drills.


The joint Men’s and Women’s teams played games of touch rugby from 7-8pm before closing down the night.

A big shout out to John Lyall and Andy Foster for helping set up the fields and running the entrance tables/tent for the evening.


Velox Alumni Dean Budd retires from international rugby as current team Italy Captain

New Zealand-born Dean Budd, a Velox Valhallian Alumni, announced his retirement from the international stage as Captain of the Italian National Rugby Team, where he has been a member of since 2017 collecting over 30 caps for his team.

Dean represented Auckland from 2008-2010, before making 5 appearances for the Blues in Super Rugby forum. He took a break and  came to Victoria, Canada playing for the Velox Valhallians in the sand box on Gordon Head Rd for the 2009-2010 season as Lock in BC Premier league. He went back to NZ to represent Northland Rugby 13 times in the summer of 2011, before moving to Japan for action in the Top League with NEC Green Rockets.  Budd arrived in Italy and to play for Benetton initially in the 2012/2013 season, where he remained to this year. He gained eligibility to play for Italy by way of residency in 2014, making his debut on the international stage for the Italian national team verses Scotland in 2017, Captaining the squad in the RWC 2019 in Japan.

“I want to thank all Italian rugby for these eight years spent together,” said Budd, who is also departing Benetton after making 115 appearances in eight seasons.  “When I arrived from Japan in 2012, I would never even have dreamed of being able to live the fantastic adventure that Italy, adopting me both in sport and humanly, put my way.  I am proud to have represented this country internationally, to have had the privilege of being captain of the national team in a Rugby World Cup match, of having helped Benetton Rugby achieve an historic qualification to the Guinness PRO14 semi-finals.  The last few months have changed the lives of all of us, it’s the right time to look forward to what life has in store for me and my family.”

He was also quoted on social media chatting with fellow Velox teammate Eric “E-Rock” Lopatinsky as stating “It has been a never ending hunger since I left VV, always feasting but never full.  The VV and W will always be my mountain peak!”

Westshore Velox RFC wishes Dean Budd many successes in his future endeavors.

George Jones – A Rugby Man – Tribute by Jim Hume

George Jones – A Rugby Man – Tribute By Jim Hume

It had been a long game played in its final quarter against insurmountable odds and with the referee in charge making some hard to understand calls.

But all his life George Jones had played in odds-against contests as a rugby player on fields home and foreign, and as a lawyer in the highest courts in his homeland Canada and abroad. His reputation on the playing field and in the courtroom was the same: you never quit seeking a way to win; never concede until the final whistle has blown or a high court has pronounced a verdict.

And that’s the way it was for George until Monday, May 25, 2020, when the final whistle blew 86-years after it started with his birth in Victoria on September 22, 1933. His father was Vice-Admiral George Jones, chief of the  Royal Canadian Navy during WW2. His mother was Helen Fordham Johnson, daughter of  B.C’s Lieut.-Governor (1931-38),John William Fordham Johnson.

George junior went “gently” into what Welsh poet Dylan Thomas described as “that good night”  – but not until his greatest game and trial were declared over by the unchallengeable time-keeper.

He had fought for many months, losing a little ground each month and year as time moved by, but never his courage in fighting the odds. What he displayed in those final months was what he had always displayed in law and at play: integrity, perseverance, and the ability to call up the George Jones grin in adversity.

Andrew Hume, former President of the old Velox Rugby Club and scrum-half and team Captain, remembers George and his philosophy as coach. Andy was playing for the Third Div squad when George listed him for a Second Div game. “One sparkling moment in the game,” he recalls “came when a gap opened just a few yards out from the goal line. An easy try….but I spotted my winger alongside and slid a pass to him – a pass he obviously wasn’t expecting. It was a knock-on and we lost the ball. After the game George put his arm around my shoulder and quietly said: “There’s a time to give and a time to go. Remember that and you’ll be a better player.”

It’s a lesson he taught generations of players and young lawyers. One remembered still by once young, now elderly, teammates who still stand a little taller when remembering George’s “totally disarming chuckle – even after games had gone badly.” He knew when it was finally time to go for touch and the final play of the life-long game.

The chuckle along with the famous George Jones’ combined cheeky grin and smile were lifelong trademarks, shared freely and as often as his good works – which were many.

George had a long experience with James Bay and players from both Velox and JBA never hesitated to tap him for legal advice on everything from speeding tickets to disorderly conduct following game winning celebrations.

He was generous with his time. Always.

There was a time when the Second Division Velox RFC – having lost half a team of key players to First Division players– fell on hard times with a season of disastrous losses. Time,some surviving members felt, to disband and join a time tested club.

Coach Jones thought otherwise. He thought what the team needed was a morale booster shot and that an international tour would be just the thing. Within a year infused with never ending Jones’ enthusiasm, the team was ready to travel to the Caribbean for a series of games organized by George in Jamaica,Martinique, Barbados and other exotic tropical points– but there was a problem. One or two of the players couldn’t raise the cash to make the trip.

“Tell them not to worry,” George told the captain. And the full team made the trip and one player still tells part of the story. “His tour message to us on rules and behaviour were simple: “Drink after the games, not before  — and let’s have fun playing wide open rugby. And we did. The team came back stronger than it had ever been and although we still were not winning many games there wasn’t any doubt which club in town was having the most fun. George’s spirit and his zest for life held the club together through its darkest time. It stands strong today because new strengths have been built on pretty solid George Jones’ foundations.”

And one of the strongest blocks in that foundation is the George Jones creation of a Female 15 playing wide open rugby. It was treated – or greeted – with smiles when it began, regarded as a feminist fad doomed to flash and fade.

George taught his students well and his players soaked up the lessons. They wanted to learn; they wanted to play better. They studied and their practices were dedicated affairs. Other teams sprang up around the province and in recent years around the world.

From full 15 rugby sprang Seven-a-side aside. Women now dazzle in both – Valkyrie championship trophies overshadow the mens’ Valhallians. No one was prouder of their victories than George – the rugby lawyer who in the eyes of one observer “practiced law like take-no-prisoner rugby and played rugby like a lawyer always looking for the opportunity he could use to advantage.”

I don’t know if George had any love for poetry but a dozen lines written by John Masefield would be the kind of thought I think he would like to pass to those who loved him. Masefield was in his late Eighties when he died in England in 1867 at – “a ripe old age”of 87. George was a year younger.

In the spring of 1986 Velox started to fall on hard times on the field and this coincided with the impending graduation of a number of Vikings from Uvic.  The Uvic graduates did not want to play for the existing clubs in town . In typical fashion George saw an opportunity and invited a few players including Mark Wyatt, Tony Arthurs and Mike Holmes to his basement in Broadmead. On the strength of many memorable whiskies, “donated” by one of his clients, the idea of Velox-Valhallians was borne. It was not a perfect marriage,  bikers and eggheads, but George helped keep it together and the two partners soon learned and grew to appreciate each other’s strengths. There is no doubt that without each other the club would not have survived.  George went on to make some noise and with connections help the club secure a long term lease on the old house and field of the Hume family.

George was always a great promoter of player’s welfare and rights and when Rugby Canada fired peremptorily beloved National Team coach David Clark , George sprang into action and organized a player’s strike.  This was the impetus , after a long drawn out battle in the press and in rugby boardrooms, to a long needed change of governance at Rugby Canada and the re-hiring of David Clark.

One of George’s well known talents was the penning of nicknames for friends and enemies alike. Among the classics, the red jacket brigade ( for allicadoos at Rugby Canada) and the headless bunyon. These often coloured his public letters to the powers that be to great outrage.

George was ultimately proudest of his contribution to the establishment of the Canadian Rugby Foundation.  George persevered , with others,  through much opposition to secure approval to the establishment of the Foundation in 2002.  With his persuasive charm Georgie helped convince Gren Thomas to donate a million dollars to establish the endowment.  It was George’s dream to see rugby promoted in the poorer communities in all of Canada and to give opportunities to all young people to play the game he loved so much. In that spirit a scholarship has been established in his name.

A Song at Parting

The tick of the blood is settling slow, my heart will soon be still.

And ripe and ready am I for rest in the grave at the top of the hill;

Passing of a legend-George Jones

It is with great sorrow that a Velox Icon/legend George Jones has passed away on Monday 25 May 2020. George was a club member and founder for many decades from player to coach to board member and a Life Time Member for all his efforts of the original Velox RFC and into the Velox Valhallian and eventually Westshore RFC transitions for the club. Also Resulting in a club award being created in his name for what he represented and stood for. Westshore RFC passes our condolences on to his family and friends. He made a positive difference everywhere he went and everything he touched or was associated with, a true legend and gentleman.  RIP George.

Below is an article by the Times Columnist local newspaper, as presented by his son Brett Jones.


Velox 1st President Jim Hume, wrote a touching piece of that was “George Jones-A Rugby Man”

George Jones – A Rugby Man by Jim Hume


Below is a brief bio of George with more of a focus on his Velox RFC roots. Which is the prologue for the winners of the prestigious George Jones Award; A coveted award to active players only (still playing) who displayed leadership and volunteer work on and off the field to better the club and community above their peers, demonstrating and personifies the clubs core values.  George Jones himself switched the award from a single recipient to a male and female representative starting 2012.

George Jones Award Winners 1975 to present