Sportlomo Program Confusion

Many members are having issues of where and when to login to Sportlomo, trying to enter the wrong program and re-registering, now with 2 accounts and paying a 2ndtime. So here is a break down and what each login screen looks like.
  • Sportlomo Managers login: The 1st picture has a blue back ground. Is for all Staff to “Manage” registration and training sessions. Is where a Manager goes to add a player’s name into the training session by date, so that player will receive a scheduled session to complete the attestation for when they login to their Sportlomo User account. If you do not receive a session in your schedule, it is because your Manager did not enter your name, contact them to fix it. This link is different then the user link:
  • Sportlomo User Account Login: The 2nd picture has a white background. This is for everyone who already registered and/or have an existing account. This is where a player must enter the day of a session and complete their attestation (Blue graph icon) AND confirm they are attending (Green check mark). It is your login and password; the club does not have this data on file and can not help you if you forget it. Only BCRU Director of Membership – Marga Sison can do that for permissions, so yes call her at 1-604-737-3065. This link is different then the other links:
  • Sportlomo Registration Account login-Rugby Canada: The 3rd picture has a red background. This is where players/staff go to FIRST REGISTER for the season. It is through Rugby Canada, and when used will create or update your account for the upcoming season by charging you money. If you have already completed this step for the season, DO NOT DO IT AGAIN!!! Because, you will have to go in and delete one of the accounts because you duplicated this step. You only have 14 days once completed to cancel and receive a refund, after that, you will not get a full refund directly onto your credit card, a long drawn out process ensues. But on the top of this screen indicated by a yellow box in picture, is the link to the SPORTLOMO User login above. This link is different then the other links:

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