Personal Expense Tracking Document and Process


This is for the Club Member or Board of Director Member who incurred an expense on behalf of Westshore RFC club in some capacity, paid for an item or service through personal means (Credit Card, personal bank account or cash): and requires to be reimbursed accordingly.  This is for approved club expenses only.  If you pay for an expense without the clubs approval, you risk that you may NOT be reimbursed.


  1.  You must keep the original paid receipt of the incurred cost. Take clear picture of receipt with your phone, or scan it.
  2.  Follow the link below to Google Sheets for the Personal Expense Tracking Document.
  3.  In this document fill out information of Your Name, Amount, Category, Description, Date, Vendor and Event.  It will auto save once completed.
  4.  For Club Members: send email with the explanation and the picture of the receipt to the Club Secretary (Where all official correspondence with BOD is directed through).  For BOD Members: send same to a group BOD email with all members.
  5.  Once Steps 1-4 completed. This item will be placed on the agenda for next available BOD meeting for action by the Secretary.  The document will be reviewed at every BOD meeting for processing, and included within the minutes for transparency purposes.
  6.  Once step 5 approved and completed, member will be reimbursed by Treasurer through a cheque.  Copy of the Document placed on Drop Box by Treasurer or Executive Director.