Greg Clague Award Winners 2015 to present

THE GREG CLAGUE AWARD: Given to both a male and female representative for displaying tenacity and determination on and off the field. Setting an example for working and succeeding through adversity or injury, and never giving up, while promoting Westshore Velox RFC and the rugby community and always supporting their team. This award was implemented in 2015.

BIO: Greg “Boner” Clague is a Loose Forward by position from NZ, where he played 13 years of premier rugby and member of the Auckland All Star team in 1997. He started playing with Velox Valhallians in Victoria between 2000 to 2006.  Was the Men’s head coach from 2002-2004, including winning the VIRU championships in 2004. Greg excelled at coaching, focusing on age grade teams to support the grass roots building of tomorrows top players.  He coached and been involved with every level, including elementary, middle and high schools.  Head coach for many years for VIRU Crimson Tide U 14/16 teams, up to BC RU U15 boys teams as well.  Greg developed cancer in the late 2000’s and demonstrated tenacity, determination and a positive outlook while battled back to survive this illness.  Continued to press forth with leaving a positive mark by shaping the rugby community with his volunteer work and coaching.

  • 2015: Cory Walker/Dacey Livingstone
  • 2016: Connor Bottrell/ Britt Sims
  • 2017: Adam Bennett/Rosie Lang
  • 2018: Dale Grimson/Jikel Keys
  • 2019: Bryce McKinnon/Valerie Wideski
  • 2020: Jade Billington/Katie Harms