Christel Hume – 23 Yrs as Club Treasurer Retires

Anyone who has visited Velox or Westshore over the decades have either known of or heard Christel Hume.  Her Esprit de Core is as legendary as much as her signature smile is, as she could always be found on the sidelines or clubhouse on gamedays cheering on her team/family with her signature “LETS GO VV!!”.  Resulting in a chant that would pierce into the hearts and minds of everyone present, especially the on field players.  After 23 years as the Clubs Treasurer through thick and thin, Christel has decided to retired and stepped down from this position just before Christmas officially.   This coincides with her retirement from her job with the Federal Government after many decades in Apr 2021.  Christel first started on the Board of Directors  in 1996 as the Velox Secretary, then was asked by the Club President, Barry Wheelhouse to fill into the newly vacant Treasurer position the following year in 1997 until a new person could be found after the following year. I guess a suitable replacement was fund for 23 years until recently with Sarah Levson stepping up as the clubs new Treasurer.  Christel is married to her soul mate and longtime Velox Stalwart Jon Hume, part of the family that helped create the Velox team from back in 1969 and through the years, leading to the creation of the Hume Family Award for clubs best volunteer.

To recognize her years of service and dedication, Board member and CEO of Aptoella Rugby, Barbara Mervin created a “Gift of the Ages” commissioning a handmade quilt for Christel from the Board of Directors and the club as a whole.  It is jam packed with lots of “sentimentality” which includes: Many donated jerseys by Paul Eby,  late Dennis Crawford’s Velcrows jersey,  the first Velox game shirt from 1969 (as the club couldn’t afford jerseys back then),  jersey from Men’s team ascension to the BC finals, a couple of Valkyries jerseys  and Hapu Manu on the side that reads “Thank You For Your Service 1997-2020”

Westshore RFC would like to say THANK YOU CHRISTEL!!! Your Westshore/Velox family wish you the best in your future retirement plans with Jon, and look forward to seeing you at the pitch at the next rugby game!!!

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