Westshore Velox RFC Crest/Logo’s through the years

Through the years from its inception in 1969 to present day, Westshore Velox RFC has had 3 crests or logo’s, with a new one to start the next era with a merging or move.  Below is a brief history on each of these crests.

Original Velox Logo

Original Velox Logo-1969-1988

This was the original crest used from 1969 to 1988 when the club was known as Velox RFC only.  The crest itself was created by our 1st President and founding member Jim Hume.  The motto which hasn’t changed to this day is “VELOX OMNI VINCENT”  or “SPEED CONQUERS ALL” was created by Jackie Clarkson in 1968.  Read about how the club started back on that day in 1968 by 1st hand account from Jim Hume himself:

History of Velox 101-by First club President and founding member Jim Hume.

Old Velox VV crest

Velox Valhallians from 1988-2015

In 1988 VELOX RFC amalgamated with many UVIC players, which were making a huge impact into the club and the sport, not able to play for the university after graduating.  With Velox located at Gordon Head Road which is right beside UVIC and its pitch, it was an easy partnership.  Some of these great players that came over were John Lyall, Mark Wyatt,  Mike Holmes and Tony Arthurs to name a few.  This when the club come to be known as “VELOX VALHALLIANS RFC” and where the Viking Norsemen name comes from.   This crest was designed by Tony Arthurs, who not only played for Velox for many years from 1988-1993.  Coached the forwards once during 2003-2006, and again from 2013-2015 years. Read about how the club merged back on that day in 1988 by 1st hand account from Ex-President Barry Wheelhouse:

History of Velox Valhallians 102-By former player and Past President Barry Wheelhouse


Offical Westshore RFC Logo Jan 15

Westshore Velox 2015-Present

When Velox moves to the Westshore area over the summer for a new start in 2015/2016 rugby season; this was the new crest/logo.  The club’s new name is reflective of the new area we will be in and will now be known as “WESTHORE VELOX VALHALLIANS RFC”.  This is to keep with the long history of the club for the name and association to ties with UVIC.  As the Black “V” is in front representing the original Velox team, with the Blue “V” supportively behind as coming later as the Valhallians; and both making a “W” for the Westshore which will be our new home for years to come.  The crest was created in conjunction with graphic designer Jenny Marshall from Eclipse Creates Inc. (sponsored by Rob Parker from Parker Johnston Roofing): with Jay Jimmo playing with the club from 1999 to present, and Winston Stanley Head Coach from 2003-2006, and again from 2013-2015 years, arriving at the final crest design. Read about how the club moved to Westshore back in 2015 by 1st hand account from President Mike Holmes:  

History of West Shore RFC 103: by Past President Mike Holmes