Velox 1st Season in 1969-Recalled by team member Stephen Hume

Velox is celebrating its 50 anniversary this Sept, here is a blast from the past…..

Velox, Season One, Victoria Rugby Union-1969 by Stephen Hume

Velox played its first official league game in the Victoria Rugby Union on September 28, 1969, against James Bay Athletic Association at Macdonald Park and won 14-3. I confirmed that with a look-up in Victoria Daily Colonist which said Velox was new to the VRU.

The club actually formed in the winter of 1968 when a bunch of the JBAA juniors staged a revolution and asked Gordie Hemmingway to coach. But I wasn’t there for that part.  (The details of that story can be found at this link as recalled by his father Jim Hume: )

In October, 1969, Velox beat Castaways 53-6 in a friendly. It was a harbinger of what came with Gordie Hemmingway’s wide open “attack from everywhere” style of play because in the first half of the season, in the age of the three point try, the club had scored an astonishing 143 points and led the league in scoring by far.

In November Velox moved into second place with a 37-6 win over Cowichan, John Howe had four tries, Tommy Carson had three, Bob Hissink had two, Rick Hughes got one and kicked a convert and Lorne Bunyan kicked a penalty.

In December, Velox beat UVic. Darryl Noulette and Bob Hissink had two tries each. Mark Hume, Steve Hume, Paul Burgoyne and Rick Hughes each got a try. Lorne kicked three converts.

The following week Velox lost 6-5 to Nanaimo but then dumped Oak Bay Wanderers 25-15 just before the Christmas break.

In January, Velox travelled to Seattle and knocked off Seattle Rugby Club 19-5. Bob Hissink scored three tries, one of them an 85-yarder.

March 1 Velox defeated JBAA again 24-6. Doug Hannah, Jack Clarkson, Mark Hume and Paul Burgoyne scored tries. Lorne Bunyan kicked two penalty goals and three converts.

March 15 Velox played UVic at Centennial Stadium in the Island semi-final and advanced to the final with a 23-16 win. Lorne Bunyan kicked for penalties. Bob Hissink had two tries and Paul Burgoyne got one.

In the Island final, Velox played JBAA yet again at Macdonald Park for the Times Cup and won 14-9. With Mark Hume (Stephens brother) scoring the winning try minutes before the final whistle to defeat James Bay.

The following week Velox lost 6-3 to Renfrew Trojans in the B.C. Championship on a long penalty kick from the touch line with 10 minutes to go. Lorne Bunyan almost saved the day with 40-yard kick from the touch line with three minutes left but shaved the post wide.

Stephen Hume

BR L-R: Jim Hume, Wally Laughton, John Howe, Mark Hume, Doug Hannan, Steve Hume, Ralph Delisle, Bruce Johns, Bob Hissink, Tom Carson, Ian Hughes, Leon Dalman, Gord Hemmingway (Coach)

FR L-R: Rick Childerhose, Al Perry, Ian Lendrum, Paul Burgoyne, Brian Butters, Lorne Bunyan, Rick Hughes, Daryl Noulette, Blaze McDonald, Dan Coleman