Westshore RFC would like to thank all of our many sponsors listed below for supporting our club and organization.   We encourage all members and friends of the club to visit and support our sponsors, let them know you are a Westshore RFC member that use their services!!


Westshore RFC is seeking out companies and/or individual supporters who wish to sponsor the club and its various teams (Adult, Junior, Youth, etc). There are physical signs and game day brochures for game days, along with online marketing: and more for higher revenue support, as per the poster below. Club Members that support this program, and procure sponsorship of $500 will receive a $125 rebate cheque. Please contact Aaron Hersant at

Vancouver Island realtor and property management services with multiple locations. Victoria-1007 Johnson St. - 250-384-8124. Westshore-101-891 Attree Ave-250-478-9141.

Westshore's tire and automotive services. 2924 Jacklin Rd.-250-478-2217

Fitness Experience Victoria880 Attree Ave 250-478-0225

Fitness Experience Victoria 880 Attree Ave 250-478-0225

494 Old Island Hwy-250-478-3121   250-418-5072

Westshore Town Center Mall-778-430-5229

Definite Drywall 698 Peto Crt. 250-516-1655


1658 Longacre Dr. 250-813-0362

1767 Island Hwy. 250-478-8384

1405 Fernwood Rd. 778-432-2727


900 Whittaker Rd, Malahat. 250-888-6879



Victoria's premier roofing company. 6791 Oldfield Rd.-250-382-9181

New Zealand Builders 250-516-6294

H.I Mechanical Westshore area 250-589-8959


2675 Wilfret Rd 250-520-7785

1075 Tillicum Rd. 250-386-5500

Rugby and sportswear apparel. 900 Whittaker Rd-250-661-0974.

104-694 Goldstream Ave. 250-590-5446







Quality Foods Westshore 113-977 Langford Pkwy 778-433-3291

Victoria's electrical and generator services. 638 Hillside Ave-250383-5157

International Union Of Engineers. 4333 Ledger Ave-Burnaby. 604-291-8831.


16-2075 Henry Ave West-Sidney. 250-727-8159

709 Yates St. 250-658-2836

5255 Chaster Rd. Duncan. 250-597-0037


BCRU 203-210 West Broadway, Vancouver 604-737-3065