Velox/Westshore RFC Lifetime Memembers List

This list of lifetime members is from Velox RFC inception in 1968 (Original Left Crest), to Valhallian merger in 1987 (Middle Crest), to rebranding to Westshore in 2015 (Right Crest).  Members require to be active with the club for a minimum of 10+ years of playing/volunteering and dedication, many have doubled this time.  These names have strived to lead and support this club in its many phases of life to the great organization that it is presently.  Some unfortunately are not with us anymore, but all have left their mark.  So when you see a life time member from below, remember to thank them for their time and service.


·   George Jones

·   Gordie Hemingway

·   Bruce Johns

·   Mike Holmes

·   Bob McCliggott

·   Mark Wyatt

·   Jim Hume

·   Steve Hume

·   Tim Hume

·   Mark Hume

·   Andy Hume

·   Jon Hume

·   Christel Hume

·   Bruce Jordon

·   Kevin “Lunk” Wirachowski

·   Roy Wheeldon

·   Barry Kelly

·   Steve Neish

·   Barry Wheelhouse

·   John Lyall

·   Brian Begleau

·   Jay Jimmo

·   Paul Eby

·   Marlene Donaldson